Vacation Wellness: 5 Great Ways to Enjoy clubThrive

The idea of logging miles on a treadmill isn’t everyone’s idea of vacation fun. These five unique ways to stay fit while away from home are far more appealing.

Vacations are all about getting a break from “real life,” taking time to unplug, experiencing a new place or revisiting a favorite destination. For some, that also means skipping their usual fitness routine to lounge on a beach. But if you prefer to stay active, vacation is the perfect opportunity to try something new.

clubTHRIVE™ by Marriott Vacation Club® offers travelers a chance to do just that, featuring complimentary programs focused on refueling, renewing, moving, and exploring — all of which feel like a part of the vacation itself. Whatever your fitness level may be, here are five ways to get out, explore your destination, meet new people and get a workout in at the same time.

vacation wellnessPlunge into the pool.

There’s no better way to jump into fitness on vacation than by plunging into the pool. Sure, swimming laps is a good start; but if you’re looking for a more social activity, give Aqua Fit a go. Aqua Fit — a fun, high-energy water workout — is a perfect way to enjoy them. The class is also incredibly social: Guests can cheer each other on throughout and mingle before and after, sharing their vacation experiences and tips on what to see and do.

Move to the music.

Dance fitness classes that focus on choreography can be a fun workout that makes you forget you’re actually exercising. Most Marriott Vacation Club properties have a range of dance-based class options, with each instructor adding a unique flair to choreography and playlist options. You can even try out a new spin on an old classic, like Aqua Jive (it’s like Zumba in the pool). Whatever you choose, you’ll get moving and into the vacation mindset from day one.

vacation wellnessGet out and explore.

There’s nothing like fresh air to rejuvenate the spirit, and clubTHRIVE’s Explore activities allow guests to enjoy special fresh-air fitness classes. Your daily workout may be a strength and toning class that includes chair-sits against a tree and pushups on a bench; or it may involve learning a new skill like stand-up paddleboarding. Depending on your resort’s specific offerings, you may even be able to get your heart rate up with a fun and memorable Drum Fit class or work on your hula-hooping skills in the name of fitness.

Quick Tip:

There’s no need to put away your running shoes while you’re on vacation, if that’s your jam. Get out and explore a unique local running route — just ask your concierge for route suggestions and safety tips.

vacation wellnessGet a nutrition boost.

When you finish a strenuous hike or a relaxing yoga class, you might seek out something light and healthy to refuel. That’s why clubTHRIVE’s mission extends to the restaurants at Marriott Vacation Club properties. With extensive Refuel menus featuring fresh food like spinach strawberry chicken salads, light sandwiches or even smoothies, it’s easy to make positive choices that will give you more energy to enjoy your vacation.

Quick Tip:

clubTHRIVE fitness instructors often incorporate nutritious snacks and refueling tips into their classes. You may learn where to find a quality farmer’s market, sip on water infused with local fruit and herbs, or try out samples of good-for-you favorites.

vacation wellnessRelax your way to renewal.

No matter where you go, the goal of a vacation is to reset and renew, so you can return to “real life” feeling refreshed and energized. While you can achieve this mindset through exercise, you can also do so through a relaxing activity like massage. The sensory experience is a great way to unwind and take uninterrupted time for yourself amid a busy trip.

While everyone’s idea of vacation is unique, one common theme is doing what you enjoy and what makes you feel good. So on your next trip, seek out the opportunities to get moving — you might find they make for some of the most colorful memories.

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Katie C. is a freelance writer living in Denver, Colorado.