Multi-Generational Travel: Three Tips for Keeping Everyone Happy

If you’re traveling with all ages, these multi-generational travel tips can help ensure everyone has a good time on vacation.

When your travel group includes everyone from children to grandparents, vacations can be as challenging as they are rewarding. While people of different ages might not always share the same interests in activities, or want to do things at the same pace, a little planning ahead and smart moves at your destination can help everyone enjoy the trip.

1. Discuss Expectations Early

If you’re traveling in a large group, you probably can’t cater to everyone’s every wish — but you can accommodate the most popular picks. Before you arrive, check with your resort concierge to see which area experiences rate highest with their guests. Is this your family’s first time at a destination, and you’re looking for classic must-sees? Or have you visited before and now you’re seeking off-the-beaten-path opportunities?

Popular excursions may fill up quickly, especially during peak season. So talk with your group ahead of time about whether everyone wants to enjoy specific signature activities like a luau or whale-watching cruise in Hawaii. You’ll often find agreement on a few options, so you’ll know what to book first.

Multi-generational travel tips
2. Speak Up About Limitations

Talk to your concierge about any possible limitations when you’re booking tours or activities. For example, if you’re going on a snorkeling tour, let them know if there is a need for shade on the boat or not. Or for a whale-watching tour, your concierge can recommend specific boats for groups with smaller children. Concierges can also help you locate the perfect beach depending on your kids’ ages and swimming skills.

On land, walking long distances may be a challenge because of anything from a stroller to a replaced hip. Your concierge may have ideas for minimizing challenges, so you can still enjoy the activities you’re interested in.

Multi-generational travel tips
3. Don’t Be Afraid to Split Up

Family members may have different ideas about what’s fun. It’s absolutely okay to split up — it can give the group more to discuss at dinner. Guests looking for a more laid-back vibe may want to partake in resort-organized activities like lei making and hula lessons. Meanwhile, more active guests can spend their time golfing, hiking and zip lining. Or let grandma and grandpa take the kids to the beach while mom and dad head to the spa for a couple’s massage.


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