Ask The Expert: Digital Resources for Owners

One of the many benefits of Marriott Vacation Club® ownership is the ability to plan a vacation your way — on your own time. If you’re planning on the weekend or in the evenings outside of Owner Services’ business hours, you have access to digital resources to help you reserve your next getaway. In this edition of Ask the Expert, David B. will review the digital Owner resources available to you.


Marriott Vacation Club Owner Website

Your Owner website is one of the best resources to help you plan your trips. Once you log in as an Owner, click “Vacation Club Portfolio” on the lower right-hand side of the page to view what you own. From your Vacation Club Portfolio, you can search availability and confirm a reservation, trade for Marriott Bonvoy points, and deposit your Week(s) or Vacation Club Points with Interval International® for an exchange.

There are many helpful tools available under the “Education & Resources” tab as well, such as find points charts and the Points Calculator. In addition, you can learn when reservations can first be confirmed using the “When Can I Reserve” tool.

Complimentary Webinars

To get an overview of your vacation options, as well as the time frames for confirming reservations, you can watch a complimentary webinar, which is available for Weeks, Enrolled, and Points Owners at There is also a series of short informational videos for Points and Enrolled Owners, including English tutorialsSpanish tutorials, and Japanese tutorials, which will help you learn vacation planning strategies and how to transact online.

Sunny Chatbot

If you’d like help via chat during or after Owner Services hours, you may speak with the Sunny chatbot, which is available on your Owner website 24/7. Sunny can help you quickly find tools and account information online.

Marriott Vacation Club App

Your Marriott Vacation Club app is a useful resource for vacation planning on the go. From the app, you can chat with Sunny, confirm vacations, find inspiration through Insider articles, and link to your Owner website — without having to re-enter your login credentials. Once you arrive at the resort, you can see your vacation details, explore dining and amenities, chat with the front desk, view your resort map, and discover activities — all from your favorite Apple® mobile device.

Explore these tools and resources to make the most of your ownership and plan your next great vacation.

About David B.

David B. has worked for Marriott Vacation Club Owner Services in Mexico City for eight years. David says, “As an International Vacation Ownership Senior Advisor, one of my greatest roles is to help Owners create their dream trip when they first purchase their Marriott Vacation Club ownership.” David says that one of his favorite places in the world to vacation is Orlando, Florida, because he loves the magic of the city. When he’s on vacation, David enjoys spending time with his family, relaxing at the resort pools and making the most of each destination he visits by exploring historic sites while he’s there. When he’s not working, David loves sports of all kinds, whether he’s actively playing or watching on television.