Pack These 7 Healthy Travel Snacks on Your Next Flight

From filling protein bars to rich hummus and crackers and more, these healthy travel treats will keep you satiated and energized for the day ahead.

Instead of choosing the crunchy, sugary cookies offered by your flight attendant, consider the effects of the post-sugar-rush blues once you land and try opting for the complimentary pretzels, or pack your own healthy airplane snack. Here are some of our tried-and-true favorites for your next flight.



High in protein and healthy fats, nuts should be one of your in-flight go-tos. Look for pre-portioned snack packs, or easily create your own mix of almonds, cashews, peanuts or hazelnuts.

Hummus and Crackers

This hearty, plant-based protein snack will keep you full and provide energy for adventures once you land. Opt for travel-size packs of hummus (available in most grocery stores) and whole grain crackers to feel your best, both during and after the flight.


When picking fruit to snack on during your flight, consider something easy to pack — like apples, bananas and oranges — that won’t get crushed in your bag. Alternatively, look for healthy, easy-to-transport fruit snacks like banana chips or raisins, which are also readily available at newsstands and gift shops at most every airport.

Chip Alternatives

Airport snack stores are conveniently stocked with potato chips and cheesy snacks, which can make it difficult at times to opt for a healthy choice. Bypass the temptation and look for healthier alternatives (usually found on shelves or racks close by) like dried fruit or pretzels, which still offer a satisfying crunch.

Protein Bars

Prefer to skip a pre-flight meal? Consider grabbing a protein bar as a meal replacement. Look for bars low in carbohydrates and sugars, and ones that contain natural nuts, fruits, and oats. Though a little more sugary, old-school granola bars are another portable way to keep hunger at bay.

Dark Chocolate

Craving something sweet? Skip the in-flight cookies and come prepared with antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. It’s a great alternative that gives you rich, slightly sweet flavor without all the sugar.

Trail Mix

This is a perennial healthy-snack go-to for a reason. Trail mix perfectly blends nuts, dried fruit and chocolate bits, creating a satisfying, easy-to-pack snack that gives you the best of both sweet and salty — easy to make at home, but also readily available in grocery stores and airport kiosks.


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